I Heart Moss

A few weeks ago I wrote about Moss Rocks created by David Spain, a landscape architect in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Let me explain what I love about this photo. I love most anything fuzzy. I love the bulges of protruding
I woke up this morning thinking about how sometimes I like to include cars, sewers, chain link fences and other
There are innumerable cool facts about moss. 1. Moss was the first plant on earth. Algae adapted to life on earth...evolving into
The Moss Maiden and her Giant friend reside in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, near Mevagissey in Cornwall. The two
This image is the most popular of the Moss in the City photos. You are seeing a small metal cover
I think these moss rocks are more elegant than cute, but its their cuteness that makes me want one on
Quite a while back I started a photo project called "One Mile Squared" that focused on wandering in proximity to
My interest in photographing moss began several years ago when I spent some time on my own at a trailhead