Cute Moss Rocks

Moss Rocks
Moss Rocks by David Spain at Moss and Stone Gardens

I think these moss rocks are more elegant than cute, but its their cuteness that makes me want one on my desk. Leave aside the fact that I’m totally bias with anything to do with moss, these are among the loveliest objects I have ever seen. What do I love? The bright colors, smooth surface, off center orientation, old / new quality of the glaze…the shine says new and the crackling says old. Last but not least the soft, green moss gracing the top.

Now you all know what to get me for Christmas but on the other hand all my crafty family members will know what they’ll receive.

Designed by David Spain, co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens – “Where Moss Rocks!” Just in case you want one of these for your own, they are sold with the moss pre-planted, can be safely shipped with no harm to the Dicranum moss plant. Can be placed indoors or out and requires little maintenance.

The Moss Rocks online store opened yesterday. You can be among the first to purchase and you are supporting a unique product from a small business.