I Heart Moss

Today we are diverging to clover photos. What can I say... I saw this clover out of the corner of my
Photos of abandoned spaces are replent with moss. Visit Faerie Magazine online to see beautiful castles, gardens, bridges, and churches. Once
I'm not counting any raindrops yet, but the newspaper and meteorologist seem pretty confident we have a big storm arriving
I'm feeling the loss of rain here in the Bay Area like many people. January is supposed to be the rainiest
The Oldest Living Things on Earth is the title of a book and currently an exhibit by Photographer Rachel Sussman. Her
These moss photos might appeal to those who love abstract art like artists Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Rothko and especially Robert
Got busy with my camera this week the minute the rain cleared because I checked some reports on California weather
  West Berkeley fascinates me as a study in contrasts. There are modern homes and small, dilapidated ones. Day laborers
I swear the person who named liverwort wasn't thinking how they'd handle themselves on the playground. I mean really, "liver"
Well, sex is definitely overstating it a bit! When I and others use the word sex in connection to moss,