I Heart Moss

I declare Steep Ravine the rockstar of mossy trails. I reveled in the abundance of mossy trees, mossy rocks, lichens and
  Cataract Falls Trail is an idyllic walk through the woods culminating in a dramatic waterfall! There are trees, ferns and
Cascade Falls is a moderate two miles roundtrip with little change in elevation. There's no parking lot at the trail head but there
We were looking for a something called pine tar soap the other day to treat my son's poison oak when
    [Road to the Cataract Falls Trail on the Fairfax side has been closed in 2016 and so far
  If you love Yosemite, you'll love this picturesque but less visited redwood park. I consider it a well kept
Just after a rain storm is when I photograph moss. What I love is it’s fuzzy, wet state. Sounds kind
  Five-sided green fuzzy cube, how I love thee! I love your sides. I love the grass and clover at