Sun Dappled Mossy Glade

I think these are the kinds of photos I try to avoid taking. No chain link fence or edgy details to play off, but beautiful nature photos. This mossy glade is a mini-park at Oxford and Indian Rock Road in Berkeley in case you want to visit. It’s one block up from Indian Rock.

Mossy Rock Berkeley, CA

Yellow Lichen, Moss & Wild StrawberryBright Yellow Lichen, Moss & Wild Strawberry
Green Mossy RockCute Green Mossy Rock
Mossy RocksCute Small Mossy Rocks
Sun Dappled Mossy RocksSun Dappled Mossy Rocks

Karen Nierlich Moss Enthusiast
Moss Enthusiast Karen Nierlich

Karen Nierlich is a photographer and avid moss enthusiast in Albany, CA. She’s working on a book of moss photos tentatively titles “Moss in the City.” Subscribe for weekly updates. Or follow her on Twitter at Karen Nierlich.

Moss Miniature Dish Gardens

A few weeks ago I wrote about Moss Rocks created by David Spain, a landscape architect in Raleigh, North Carolina. My business women mind is proud of David for creating a marvelous home decor “product” that is beautiful, easy to care for and makes a great gift. This is an artsy, natural object that is perfectly priced as a gift and can be sold for ongoing income.

Moss Art
Japanese Maple Moss Rocks by David Spain

My artist self wants to show you the other things David makes. One-of-a-kind moss miniature dish gardens…similar to bonsai. The miniature moss dish gardens incorporate many elements in addition to moss such as lichen, wood, ceramic, glass bell jars, other plants. If you go to the moss and stone gardens website, you can see many photos of the moss dish gardens. There are also mossy landscapes to admire.

The example in the photo here is planted in a found piece of maple. That’s a minature Japanese maple in the center surrounded by different mosses, lichen covered rock and a small # of ferns. Very delicate, landscape-like and restful to gaze on.

Karen Nierlich Moss Enthusiast
Moss Enthusiast Karen Nierlich

I gave one of the moss rocks as a gift this holiday and received one as a gift as well. My sister-in-law gave several as gifts. I have one on my desk by my computer where I can look at it at any time and I’ll even admit to petting it.


Cute Moss Rocks

Moss Rocks
Moss Rocks by David Spain at Moss and Stone Gardens

I think these moss rocks are more elegant than cute, but its their cuteness that makes me want one on my desk. Leave aside the fact that I’m totally bias with anything to do with moss, these are among the loveliest objects I have ever seen. What do I love? The bright colors, smooth surface, off center orientation, old / new quality of the glaze…the shine says new and the crackling says old. Last but not least the soft, green moss gracing the top.

Now you all know what to get me for Christmas but on the other hand all my crafty family members will know what they’ll receive.

Designed by David Spain, co-owner of Moss and Stone Gardens – “Where Moss Rocks!” Just in case you want one of these for your own, they are sold with the moss pre-planted, can be safely shipped with no harm to the Dicranum moss plant. Can be placed indoors or out and requires little maintenance.

The Moss Rocks online store opened yesterday. You can be among the first to purchase and you are supporting a unique product from a small business.