Diverging to Clover

Today we are diverging to clover photos. What can I say…

Green Clover | Red Clover

I saw this clover out of the corner of my eye…the hillside stretched above on my left and the sun was streaming through the clover revealing the intense red underside! Perhaps that’s why clover is so intensely green. The red bottom and green top makes it more vibrant.

Like Van Gogh’s brushstrokes of red and green or yellow and blues next to one another for brilliance.

On our trip to Prairie Creek Redwoods S.P. in February fell on a warm, dry winter. The moss was semi-dry and somewhat brown, except near the coast where the fog rolls in. Because of the dryness this bed of clover was the only time I found something where I immediately thought, “This is soooo beautiful. I can’t wait to see this photo.”

Photos taken on the James Irvin Trail on the way from Prairie Creek Redwoods S.P. Headquarters to Fern Canyon.