Mossiest Trees Ever (I Say)

More moss photos from the Dipsea trail

Mossy Tree Trunks, Dipsea Trail Marin California
10 Mossy Tree Trunks, Dipsea Trail Marin California

We found the mossiest trees I’ve ever seen while hiking the Dipsea Trail from Muir Woods to Stinson Beach! You can see them right here—the pose makes me think of rock album covers. You know the ones where the band members are all spaced out and looking cool. I was hopeful that this spot might be mossy all summer, but I’ve already been back and not so. A month later and there is nothing but drier and dry moss.

Mossy Tree Trunks
3 Mossy Trees Close Up, Dipsea Trail, Marin CA


Mossy Trees

Kids Walking the Dipsea Trail, Marin CA

Happy Moss-ter Day

Hiked today with my family to celebrate Mother’s Day in Marin from Muir Woods to Stinson Beach on the Dipsea Trail. For those who don’t live in the Bay Area, the Dipsea Trail has a local cult standing due to a competitive running race that takes place there each year. Today as we hiked the trail we were repeatedly passed by runners going from regular to full throttle over the dirt trails.

I ‘m happy because as we approached Stinson Beach the trees became mossier and mossier. The sky and trees started to drip like a light rain. Really it was the condensation from the fog.

It was super mossy. I realized I had been worried about running out of moss to photograph during the summer months. Looks like if I explore Marin near the coast, I’ll find lots of moss to photograph all summer long. Here is one of the many photos I took today.

moss with raindrops
Moss on Dipsea Trail, Marin


mossy trees on Dipsea Trail
Kids, Kelly, Tod on Dipsea Trail between Muir Woods and Stinson