I Heart Moss

My father-in-law's family and ancestors lived off the land and the forest in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They lived
More moss photos from the Dipsea trail We found the mossiest trees I've ever seen while hiking the Dipsea Trail
Hiked today with my family to celebrate Mother's Day in Marin from Muir Woods to Stinson Beach on the Dipsea
Recently my family and I visited Tennessee to see my father-in-law. There a number of sites we revisit each time
I think these are the kinds of photos I try to avoid taking. No chain link fence or edgy details
This generous strip of moss lives across from my sister's home. Again moss is more interesting (in a photo) with
I took this photo 2-3 years ago and thought until this week it was moss. This enchanting specimen is commonly
I found this super bright green neon moss in my neighbor's front yard. I've gone by many a time to
When I first started this blog I promised moss facts, poems, arts and craft but no recipes and no cookbook.
A situation arose in my neighborhood recently involving the removal of a mossy specimen I'd been photographing. There is this