I Heart Moss

Abbott’s Lagoon – Point Reyes
Abbott’s Lagoon in Point Reyes is an easy hike and great for young families, occasional hikers, and beginners! My only
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Rainy Weekend, Coast Trail in Point Reyes, CA
Last Spring I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Point Reyes with the Albany High School Art Department.
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McCloud Falls
McCloud Falls near Shasta
We were having a blast bouldering at McCloud Falls when we witnessed what could have been a tragic death. Seems jumping off
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Waterfall | Berry Creek Falls
Berry Creek Falls Trail, Big Basin Redwoods SP
Many, many years ago before we had kids, my husband and I decided spontaneously to go away for the weekend. We
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FOUND — One Japanese Garden by the Side of the Trail
My family and I were on a trail at Big Basin Redwoods State Park when we saw a boulder-filled stretch
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Mossy Rockstar – Steep Ravine Trail, Marin CA
I declare Steep Ravine the rockstar of mossy trails. I reveled in the abundance of mossy trees, mossy rocks, lichens and
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Cataract Falls Trail, Marin, CA
  Cataract Falls Trail is an idyllic walk through the woods culminating in a dramatic waterfall! There are trees, ferns and
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Small and Beautiful Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls is a moderate two miles roundtrip with little change in elevation. There’s no parking lot at the trail head but there
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Beautiful Moss Photos – Fern Canyon – Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
  If you love Yosemite, you’ll love this picturesque but less visited redwood park. I consider it a well kept
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Little Mosses Growing by The Parking Lot
I woke up this morning thinking about how sometimes I like to include cars, sewers, chain link fences and other
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